We accompany you in the process of getting to know yourself and your personal growth

It initiates the process with the mutual knowledge of why we are here and our aim. It is important at this point for the person to begin the process and share fully their aim in advance.

Often what we want is not the first thing that we say, neither the second or the third… only after working further, getting out of the cage of reason and logic, and often with music support, we can reach what we are really looking for when we offer aid to a professional.

After this first phase of observation, listening and gathering information, we often redefine together the real aim of the process. We make an agreed reorientation, if required, of intervention according to new inputs: sessions of the process, time, aims of each session, fine-tune if it is necessary the implication of other people in the process, which kind of sessions we will have (coaching, creative music, conflicts facilitation…).

And we begin to apply the work with our challenges to arrive at the goal. We are conscious of which behaviours are obstacles for our aims, in distinguishing what depends on us and what goes beyond ourselves Using different tools to decipher the best way for each one to begin the desired transformation.

Although we recommend a minimum of face to face sessions, we are always open to sessions with technologies of image and voice that often are a good alternative to advance through some dense agendas.