We help your team to advance in the desired direction. We can treat relationship in a group and also with 2 people. Relations that are blocked and are preventing efficient work on a project.

The purpose of the first session is to contextualize and we observe the different professional’s behaviors in several scenarios (a role playing, a dynamic with a challenge to resolve, a session of creative music…). This helps us to generate an open dynamic and a feeling that we are part of something bigger, the team.

It helps us to observe what is happening, our behavior and role in the group and the dynamics that are generated naturally.

With this work, we discover the motivators. And we find out how everyone contributes to the group and are recognized by our colleagues.

After this phase of exploration, we diagnose and propose an action plan, that would help us to achieve the wanted changes. Once established, it is necessary to agree it with the whole team.

Already we can initiate the process of intervention. First with the individual and collective consciousness of what succeeds. And later we initiate the transformation which will lead to the desired transformation.

This product is ideal for example, for a Department of a big company, the Commercial Department of a concrete division. Also for an area of a medium company, for example, the area of marketing. And is very suitable for the whole team of a smaller business for example a chemist.