In Resonant we help you to define the strategy of Talent management of your company

  • We shed light on you your reality and provide the most suitable strategy to apply.
  • We provide/equip you with plans of selection (recruiting), development, training, motivating plans… to count with the best people.
  • We make selection plans to help you to define which is the best profile for your company to ensure professional individuals achieve their potential which leads to inevitable success for the company as a whole.
  • We design development plans because the professionals have the best qualifications and they contribute their maximum efforts to achieve the best economic results for the company.
  • We believe in every type of formation, individual, in groups, in classroom, online, training on the job… But always with a conciliatory look with the daily reality of the company, that allows us to help and not suffocate the people with added responsibilities. We believe it is necessary to take a holistic approach, in which formation is a small developmental element.
  •  We Propose and apply motivational action plans with other incentives that makes people feel satisfied to remain with you despite their high employability.
  • Which is your output? We give you a diagnostic of what happens. And purpose you the solutions to reach the objectives you want to. But more importantly: we offer you a strict follow-up of the action plans to assure the changes are real and do not remain only in a wish.