We are restless and we question ourselves to ensure we always seek new perspectives and methodologies

Only with a new approach can incorporate new tools to help us re-focus constantly the work we do. Change of habits and thoughts need a process to be effective. The best results are obtained with personalized action plans and with the combination of different tools depending on the person and the moment that lives. Any tool that is not feeding from others, is most likely limited. Meanwhile we break details down on what is happening; we also maintain the vision on a more conceptual level. It is necessary to be constantly innovative as we are.

We accompany our customers in their processes of change. We co-create with them in order to ensure the trainings, facilitations or accompaniments lead to real changes.

Joana Martinez-Mora


… To the accompaniment and conflicts facilitation and to people development.

More than 20 years ago, after graduating in Pharmacy and in Science and food Technology (Nutrition), I went in to the business world. For 10 years, I worked in different companies within the food sector in technical charges and then managerial charges. I reached a leadership position in which I led teams as large as 150 people. It was in this period that I learnt the meaning of leadership and the importance of positive work environments for team members… It results in personal professional growth and feelings of recognition, which directly impacts on company results.
With my leadership experience and my attraction to working with people in corporate environments. I decided to go into Human Resources department (HHRR) of a big company. I worked in the strategy of Talent management, recruiting and selection, internal Communication… or from the most operative role near the professionals of operative areas. After certifying in ontological coaching, I accompanied professionals to achieve their aims, integrated companies bought, changed styles of leadership and improved the working environment by means of motivational plans and of recognition, in the design and implementation of programs cultural transformation…

Throughout my life, I have been in contact with music from different fields, learning or playing instruments, songs from several genres, facilitating the learning and incorporating the music as a tool for people development.

The musical coaching is an open door into the facilitation world

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